Route Dash Niner: Part 1

Route Dash Niner: Part 1

Route Dash Niner is a sci-fi performance epic in two parts. Join us for a live media event outlining the details of Australia’s unprecedented venture into deep space.

We have received a promising signal from the corner of the universe that demands investigation. We have formed an elite team of explorers who have volunteered to make the dangerous journey to the furthest depths of the galaxy in order to answer the signal’s call. We do not know what we will find, only that we must find it.

The details of the mission, the crew and the M.A.R.K unit will be made available to the public in a ticketed media event that will commemorate the lives of those astronauts bound to leave, before concluding in a ceremonial farewell and celebration of the launch.

Created and Performed by Jackson Davis, James Harding, Mark Rogers, Steve Wilson-Alexander and Carly Young
Sound Design Tom Hogan
Lighting Design Taryn Brown
Musical Interlude Ruby Martin


From the team: We wanted to make a science-fiction film live on stage, with all the on-set tricks laid bare. Performers jerking in their seats as their ship enters an asteroid belt, putting wire in our hair as we enter zero gravity, that sort of thing. And any truly important interstellar mission needs a launch, to explain the journey’s motivations, and commemorate the lives of those brave enough to go out there.