LOVELY is a performance work which guides an audience through the tentative and risky process ofsummoning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman to the theatre. Through the use of video, choreographyand sound,LOVELY aims to create a live film-set on stage, where a group of young artists recreatescenes from the late actor’s vast filmography. These are performed and presented in real-timealongside the originals, culminating in an event that is part love-letter, part eulogy. Accompanied bya driving mix of electronica, LOVELY will set out to blur the line between theatrical artifice andcommunal event, presenting a thoroughly contemporary iteration of the celebrity crush.

A new collaboration for re:group performance collective, LOVELY creates a conversation betweencinematic form and theatrical spectacle, allowing the audience an insight into the chaotic and joyfulprocess of creating a film live onstage. The ambitious relationship with choreography and technologyculminates in shot-for-shot imitation alongside live videocomposition and DJ practice.


“Seriously and delightfully cinematic.” Keith Gallasch, RealTime Arts

“A masterful choreographing of swirling bodies, props and cameras.” Keith Gallasch, RealTime Arts

“LOVELY reveals Jackson Davis and his collaborators to be highly inventive, possessed of a finesense of dramatic structure and the spatial and visual sensitivity with which to give life to theirloving gaze.” Keith Gallasch, RealTime Arts